30 Seconds from Mars – Start getting AMPED

MyCityByNight are SOOOOPER amped for 30 Seconds From Mars, and want you to start getting as amped! Even though its 2 months away, we know how fast that goes and before you know it, we will have ticket give aways and you’ll be there… Yes, ticket give aways! WATCH THIS SPACE….

So here is a taster of the amazingness that is TSFM (thats our new official abbreviation for them)… If this doesnt get you amped, check your pulse, as you may just be DEAD! Feel free to loose yourself to this at work, home or coffee shop that you may be viewing this in. We did!

Oh and don’t say we don’t care about you ladies, this video has the Man Mooiness that is Jared Leto in all his glory, even topless and in HD!


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