3-30 Rewind featuring Boris Dlugosch by Olmeca – Cape Town



Rewind, the funkiest, raunchiest, extremely explicit fun & the most explosive form of adult entertainment is coming to the Mother City.

Experience the sensation spanning 25 years, from the dark days of apartheid to the euphoria induced hedonism of the 90’s and beyond. The legend of 3-30.
89 on Long (Old Imperial / Purple Turtle) opens her arms and is embraced with the rhythmic and pulsating groove of a greased weasel.

REWIND launches with a serious hankering for some classic music and shared experiences with friends, old and new. Teaming up with Strange Loving and Mindseye the event is headlined by the legendary Boris Dlugosch.


There are very few artists who have the honour of remixing Daft Punk….
Boris Dlugosch is one of them.

But the list of artists he remixed is so much longer and not less famous: Jamiroquai, Basement Jaxx, Mary J. Blige, Boys Noize, Etienne de Crécy, Mariah Carey, Tiefschwarz, Ian Pooley, Bob Sinclar just to name a few. His remix-work was crowned 1999 by the success with one of his most famous remixes for Moloko “Sing it back“ which reached #4 on the UK charts.

Hamburg based DJ and Producer Boris Dlugosch started to flex his DJ-skills at Hamburg’s famous underground club FRONT in the early 90s. He started producing and his first release “Keep pushin” in 1995 became a worldwide chart hit (Top10 Australia, Canada, Italy, Top40 UK, and Spain) and is nowadays considered one of the all-time classic House tunes.


■ ■ OLMECA switching on the night
Andale! ¡Arriba! Pucker up Senorita!! Your pouting lips are gonna be swollen with tequila as we get submerged under a tide of the golden agave nectar for your catalytic pleasure.


21:00 Strange Loving
23:00 X-Ray
00:30 Boris Dlugosch
02:30 Martin McHale


Doors open 9 Pm

Online @ Quicket http://qkt.io/m8pJba
Early Birds R80
Normal Birds R100
Late Birds R150

Door Sales:
R150 (Limited)


●••٠٠ ORIGIN!

●••٠٠ Old School Style

So, Sweetie, there I was perched on this pink leopard spotted barstool. Cilla and Dora had assumed the “I’m available” position. You know? Gently caressed across pouted lips and almost empty and in need of a reckless romantic to offer to fill the glass.
Times and not what they used to be, and it was taking a little longer than usual to entrap this elusive Adonis with my Venus flytrap mind tricks. But alas, all my effort was not in vain, as I was finally noticed – Unfortunately by that Bar Hag – my humiliation was now complete. Or so I thought.
“Darling” it hissed. “It’s obvious you’re in the market; why not try these nice melons from my bazaar”
Rock bottom, scraping the barrel. I would have accepted a date with Chris Brown, rather than consider that option.
“Sweetie” it squawked. “Don’t worry, I’ll charge you just like all the rest. In fact for R100 I’ll do absolutely anything. No matter how kinky”
Well, what’s a girl to do? I quickly counted out the five R20 notes, looked longingly into her eyes and whispered “Get me a fucking drink”

And as always a few words of wisdom from that trashy bar wench.
“After a hard night of drinking/talking (never serving) behind the bar, you’d swear they do the cash up in Parliament. So many people shouting “Pay back the money”

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