2018 – The Year of Horror Films.

Since 2015, apart from less than a handful of movies – such as Get Out, Raw and IT, the film industry hardly saw a decent horror flick with 2016/17 producing some (a-helluva-lot) of the worst horror films the industry has ever seen. It’s been a gore-draught out here for us shock-effect fiends but it looks like that’s all about to change with multiple critically-acclaimed Horror hits set for release throughout this year.

First it off it’s worth a mention that a couple resparks and sequels will be making a return in 2018, like the 80’s hits, Halloween (featuring original actress Jamie-lee Curtis) and Hellraiser that will be making a comeback with The Purge‘s fourth sequel on it’s way too.

Already released with outstanding reviews are the films A Quiet Place and Wildling – I can’t tell you that both are well eerie but A Quiet Place brings it home for me with phenomenal intensity, visuals,  storyline and acting.

Moving on to what we all can look forward too later this year, is a film USA today is calling “A modern-day horror masterpiece” – Pawel Pogorzelski’s Hereditary.

Exciting news for arthouse film lovers, director Lars Von Tier is back with yet another edgy and unsettling psychological horror titled The House That Jack Built, starring Uma Thurman and Matt Dillion.

It’s about time the urban-internet legend Slender Man got his very own biopic. I was rather undecided when I heard a while back that a movie was being made but after watching the gripping trailer and checking out some reviews, this one’s a definite must-watch for horror and creepypasta fans!

Okay so finally, this isn’t really a Horror film but David Robert Mitchell’s (director of 2014 horror cult-hit It Follows) latest film thriller/comedy Under the Silver Lake is said to be the this year’s creepiest film to watch out for – check it out below.

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