2011 South African Municipal Elections- Register to vote on 4th & 5th Feb

South Africa is one of those places that is alive with possibility, existing as a shining example to the rest of the African continent in terms of ability to compete with nations from around the world. Unfortunately it is also a place of tremendous inequality where the 90% of the country’s wealth is circulated through the bank accounts of 10% of the entire population.

Often you’ll hear people complaining about the fact that they think the current government is inept at delivering on their promise of jobs for all and improved service delivery across the board. These are also often the same people who never vote in elections under the guise of someone who doesn’t believe in the process of elections and vote… This saddens us deeply as the truth of the matter is that every single vote counts, especially in the municipal elections. South Africa will be holding its 2011 Municipal Elections somewhere between the 1st of March and 1st of June as per regulations with Voting stations will be open on 4 and 5 February for voter registration.

Capitalising on the national pride and euphoria felt during the World Cup, the theme for this year’s election is “Love your South Africa”. The thinking behind this is that these local elections are about where you live and that citizens are attached to their neighbourhoods and can show their love for these areas by registering and voting, and having a say on how these are run.

Held across all districts and municipalities in all 9 existing provinces, the Municipal Elections offer up an opportunity for us the people of The Republic to influence what type of service is delivered in the areas where we work, live and play (think booze laws in Western Cape, Prostitution legalization, how often your trash gets picked up & even what jobs and welfare is available locally). We want to do our bid to help the IEC get 1.5 million new registrations on the voters roll, which is currently sitting at 23 181 997.

To get your voter registration details, you can:

Enter your ID number online

SMS your ID number to 32810 (normal rates apply)

Call us toll-free (from a landline) on 0800 11 8000

Remember if you have not yet registered (you only need to do this once in your life) you can still do so on 4th and 5th February at your local voting station (tbc) or during office hours at your local municipality.

Come on- its our chance to make a difference and love our South Africa.

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  1. yipee! lets love south africa like they love us everyday average people. its been 17 years since mandela was freed. and guess whats changed? im not even going to say it im sure if you can read (or write) the above article then you know what has changed. i dont mind voting, but i do mind wasting time. and to vote is simply that.

    if people think that by ‘voting’ they can change the government then i really feel sorry for them. how naive. i mean really. to vote is like saying george bush was ‘elected’ by votes. your votes dont count. they just want you to think it counts lol. and everytime the same people fall for it. people longing for change. people that hope. shame. its like obama all over again. he says ‘change’ and ‘hope’ and ‘we can do it’ and people line up to kiss his hand calling him the saviour of humanity. are you fucking kidding me?

    but then again. i kind of gave up on humanity a long time ago. and every year they remind me why. recently the whole world believed that a rubber band around their arm makes them ‘balance’ better. the whole world believed that. and that just shows us how fucked up everything is. people who you love and care for. your own friends. they wore their ‘brains’ on their sleeve by wearing that shit. its fucking disgusting. are we to forgive such retardation? if people can believe such crap then to vote must be normal. okay people.

    time for ‘change’. that time of the year again. vote. make a change. lets see the change fall into your laps. hey and make sure you have fun believing in the marketing gimmicks please. my city by night surely have. they even promoting it. ‘the theme is love south africa’ wow how exciting. but its okay. go back to bed south africa. your government is in control. here, watch mtv on your dstv. go back to bed south africa. your government is in control. heres the news (controlled by the government) watch it, believe it. its real.

    1. Hmm… How do you think that Mandela came to power in the first place? Surely it was due to the droves of people getting out and casting their ballets in favour of change? I suppose you viewed the liberation of our country as a time consuming process as well.

      Its alright if you dont want to vote- thats your right too. Please just dont complain when you are not happy with the service that you are receiving from your local municipality (the same municipality that was voted in by people in your neighbourhood).

      “if people think that by ‘voting’ they can change the government then i really feel sorry for them. how naive. i mean really. to vote is like saying george bush was ‘elected’ by votes. your votes dont count. they just want you to think it counts lol.” The IEC tallies votes from the provinces and the government is elected from these totals- do you honestly believe that they make all of that shit up?

      Also I dont know what a power balance bracelet has to do with voting. Goodness you are just sounding like a bitter arse. If you’re not happy with humanity- do something about it- and by this I dont mean negatively commenting on a blog urging people to use their voice to influence what type of country we live in- maybe become a hermit in a jungle speaking to the animals on a daily basis- I doubt we’d miss you. We’re proudly South African here at MyCityByNight- and if you dont want to be here- in the famous words of the less than ideal Julius Malema- You can go out… Bloody agent.

      1. I like you ricky, your a cool dude. no doubt. im not meaning to be negative or anything like that. i just dont trust the government. at all, and i kinda feel sorry for the people that do. but who needs the sympathy right?

        all im saying is that i think if people vote and actually believe that they are making a difference, then thats just naive, and about the power balance thing, i was comparing those people who vote to those people that wear that shit. people who are ready to believe in anything just because its the fucking norm.

        people love believing in stuff thats well marketed. like obama. wow. he really is making a change now isnt he? the war is still raging, people still dying. change. thats what they promise us. DA and ANC, all the promise is change. more jobs. better schools. what i would like to know is when is this change going to be implemented? do we have to wait another four years to vote again when they make more promises? shits fucked up.

        My City By Night is a cool blog. i have nothing against it. just dont delve into politics. rather stick to the partying and ‘mooiness’. you guys are good at that. and i refuse to apolagise for sounding like a ‘bitter arse’ (who says kak like that?) but i take this kind of thing very seriously. im no revolutionary, but im no dumb motherfucker either. i do believe in something, peace love unity and respect. but to believe in a government, thats just sad.

        and btw. im no fan of mandela either, im not scared to say it. he was put into power by the same people that orchestrated the aparthied, de beers, oppenheimers, rothschilds and the rhodes and milner families. basically people that ravish our land people minerals for their own personal gain. where do you think all the dictators come from? they are empowered by higher level behind the curtain people. believe it or not. your choice, even better, do yourself a favour, and go and read up on some of the stuff. im sure if you have time to go to the J&B met you can make some time for some research on how governments are created and not elected.

        power lies with the people, not with the government, but if the people are on the governments side, then obviously they have the power.

        1. Thanks for the your reply- good to hear that you dig the site and dig me (keep those compliments flowing). Admittedly Obama hasnt exactly been the best example of delivering of promises, I’m an optimist and believer in people and would love to think that my vote does make a difference in what happens here in South Africa because, until I can actually directly influence law and politics in SA its about the best bet that I have.

          We’re not only about parties and mooiness here (although this does take up a great deal of time) and from time to time do delve into areas of others’ expertise… It was just my opinion and you’re allowed to disagree (that’s what blogging is all about). Make no two ways about it, I’m still voting.

          Just out of interest would you vote if it was easier and less time consuming (like say an internet vote)?

          Once again, thanks for your opinion and not being that much of a “bitter arse” 😉

          See you around the site 🙂

      2. Love your response Ricky Bynight you nailed it for me on point some people are really ignorant and it is exactly that foolishness that persists to halt change from truelly taking place. So people go out there and vote put that X next to the political party you feel best represents what you need and feel is important.

    2. Pre-election Statistics:
      Cast your SMS vote for your Party
      SMS 2011VOTE followed by a space and
      the party you vote for to 33903. eg. 2011VOTE ANC
      or 2011VOTE DA etc. SMS cost R1.50 each.
      Results can be viewed at http://www.2011vote.tk
      Cast your vote & get a look into the future
      of South Africa! SMS now to 33903!

  2. hey man ya i totally dig the blog, been reading it almost everyday since its creation. i get what you saying, i guess most people have that view, they kinda know that the government is filled with a bunch of no good two faced tax money stealing expensive BMW car buying tit for tat egocentric losers. both DA and ANC and all other parties included. but still people want to vote because they really want to make a ‘change’ or at least feel like they making a ‘change’ instead of just sitting around talking about anti government anti establishment anti goldfish anti commercial anti 5FM anti highlighter caps anti the list goes on, while hitting up a nice cheese bong.

    i get it. believe it or not. i also see myself as an optimist. if people ask me if andy moore or if swedish house mafia or even if andrew bayer from anjunabeats is coming down, i usually say yes, because i believe in CT, its people, its vibe, and its nightlife. in that regard, yes. i am an optimist. if people ask is jacob zuma going to fix the country. i usually end up telling them the truth, which is no, he is not going to fix things, shit, i dont think he is even going to try. im real like that. why try to lie about it. is south africa and cape town an awesome place to exist? hell mother fucking yeah. is our government super awesome as well? fuck no. ask a three year old, he will agree. the only way the country will ever be fixed, is if the people stand together, say no to ‘voting for change’ and stand outside the parliament, and shout ‘fuck the government, give us what we want, and look after us, because we pay a kak lot of tax, and you fools are spending it on 5 series black modded BMWs!’

    i do want to help fix this country, but i cant do it if everyone or at least the majority is not on the same page. why isnt there a youth party? why isnt there a party that is aimed at the youth, we are the future after all. i dont get it. i really dont. and to answer your question about voting online. no i wont. but will i go and protest with you, mcbn, slxs, shaun okes, below the lion, and all the other cool bloggers out there, with all the rest of the like minded people out there (including anybody reading this comment) at the gates of the parliament, my answer will have to a big fat YES. something needs to be done.

    this governments poes. also, i cant believe that they cancelled ‘the pure monate show’, fuck the government. look at all the kak our younger siblings have to watch on TV. theres no gooftroop, theres no tintin or x men, theres no beast wars and theres no doug funny. what the fuck. seriously, what the fuck. do we really want to let our government fuck with us for so long and just sit back and do jack shit? damn.

    im sure maxi jazz from faithless will back me on this, if he knew me that is. okay im tired of talking now. thanks for listening.

    1. Nice one, I quite enjoyed reading that comment… Hope you keep browsing and making your opinions known 🙂

      Ps. Im bleak about the Pure Monate Show too, that was my favourite! 🙁

  3. I personally do not complain about SA and am very happy and proudly South African. I have not, however, registered to vote, because I do not know what any of the party’s policies are this year. Suggesting it’s because people do not believe in democracy is untrue, particularly in South Africa where the vote has such historical importance. But is there any point voting when you don’t know what you’re voting for? Exercising your rights whilst ignorant doesn’t make for good politics either. As for the comment about the 90/10%, this is a global reality, not only in South Africa. Does every vote count and can we make a difference – yes.

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