2010 Matric Pass Rate 67.8%

It was announced yesterday that 67.8% of matrics passed the 2010 exams. Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga described the pass rate as a “remarkable achievement” and said it was possible that the 2010 public sector strike might have robbed the department of its targeted 70% pass rate.

Considering all of the strikes that these poor kids had to endure it really is amazing that so many of them were able to pass, but I still feel that we should be aiming for a far higher pass rate as its totally unacceptable that 30% of Matrics have already been severly disadvantaged in what employment opportunities are available to them.

There were 643 546 candidates who sat for the exams, of whom 537 543 wrote all seven subjects. Of those, 23.5% obtained university entrance, up from 19.9%.

There were 18 schools where no pupils passed and 504 schools that achieved a 100% pass rate with Gauteng as the top province with a 78.6% pass rate, followed by the Western Cape which achieved 76.8%, Motshekga said.

To all of you who passed… Congratulations!!!! Go and party it up- it only gets better from there onwards!


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  1. Hey all,

    What we have is a better pass rate, but what is not mentioned is that to pass the following criteria needs to be met. This is a very low percentage!

    The minimum requirement to obtain a NSC, a candidate must achieve 40% or more in a Home Language and in two other subjects and the candidate must also achieve at least 30% in the three other subjects.

    When if ever will we see what the percentages of matric’s are in a breakdown format, ie. 0-19% XX, 20-39 YY and so forth. We need to get our Education department to step up to the plate and formulate a plan that help our kids.

    My .2c


    1. Wowzers- I didnt even know that the standard was that low… Its super worrying when such a big portion of the future of our country cant even speak and write their home language 🙁

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