20 years of Ryan Giggs in collectable stickers


Ryan Giggs has been around in the Premiership since its inception and he is easily one of the greatest footballers to have ever donned the red of Manchester United. Sure he had that whole drama around that time when he banged his brother’s wife behind his back but there’s no doubt that when he steps on the pitch he’s probably one of the best examples of a professional footballer for all of those aspiring youths out there.

He is the Premiership’s most decorated player and since his debut in 1992 has been destroying defences of Manchster United’s opponents and is probably the only player who can currently claim to have 20 back 2 back collectors cards, one for each season of the Premier League. I’m a huge Red Devils fan and it’s pretty rad to see how Ryan Giggs has evolved over the years along with the silly hairstyles he’s had along the way. Too rad.

20 years of Ryan Giggs In Stickers

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