2 girls eat Japanese “condom” icecream


Almost all of the crazy shit in the World originates from Japan. They really do have an obsession for the weird and wonderful – something that would become quite apparent to these two Canadian teens who discovered the Japanese Condom Ice Cream. You really can’t make this stuff up.

The clip starts with the girls walking around a Japanese supermarket pointing out all of the strange stuff on offer until they come across an ice-cream that looks exactly like a blown up condom. From this point the clip starts to get rather sexually charged as the two girls throw out innuendo after innuendo while eating the rather strange ice-cream. At one point the girls get the white liquid all over their keyboard and pants (something many of you can relate to, I’m sure). I felt a little bit dirty after watching the whole clip, which I suppose is really weird considering it’s only ice-cream.

Watch the video and tell me I’m wrong…

Click Here to Watch the Video


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