1st Ferrari 458 Italia in Cape Town

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So yesterday when cruising to a cheeky MCBN meeting (stay locked for big things people) we came across the 1st to arrive in SA Ferrari 458 Italia rolling off the floor at Viglietti.


HOLD UP, is this a epic vuil by Viglietti? You see, there is a small problem, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him (and who would), that they being recalled, as of yesterday, because of a small problem that gives new meaning to the name burning or flaming red… Did Viglietti not get the memo on this?
A Ferrari press release said that the luxury supercar is being recalled in order to make modifications to the wheelhouse assembly.

“In rare instances the heat shield could become deformed, bringing it too close to the exhaust system and igniting,” a Ferrari spokesperson said.

Ferrari is recalling all its 458 Italia vehicles after five fires were reported in California, Switzerland, China and France. However there have been reports of more.
Ferrari said the company is asking owners of the cars produced before July 2010 to bring them in to have the glue replaced with mechanical fasteners. Lets hope this guys didnt slip through the net!

Not going to lie, I would be hesitant to have driven that car home yesterday… Then again ignorance is bliss!

Ferrari PR, bring out the best fire fighters you have (mind the pun), you going to need it!

So let’s hope that this guy doesn’t get a call this morning from Viglietti asking him to bring it back, because that would be like taking the guy to the top of the mountain, showing him the view and saying sorry guy, you can’t have that!

So just when you hated people that have cool shit and are loaded, take some time to think about the dud they may have bought and enjoy a subtle ‘screw you’ smile!

Oh well, I was about to buy one and now this, guess I’ll just hang out for a while till something less firey is released!


How cool is this one though!

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  1. Thats one fucking jas car. Have you checked out the new UK Car mag, 458 Vs the new Mclaren. Awesome read. Ferrari wins hands down though! I’ll make sure I drive pass Viglietti.

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