17 acts you shouldn’t miss at Rocking The Daisies #SxRTD2016

Picture by Julian Graham
Picture by Julian Graham

With over 250 acts performing on 11 stages, we’re earmarking some of our favorite acts you definitely shouldn’t miss at Daisies this year. Our selected artists to keep an eye on at Rocking the Daisies this October have been doing incredible things in the local scene as well as pushing the boundaries on the international scene too.

It’s incredible to see Daisies grow from a festival of around 800 people to what looks like over 25,000 this year. The crew have really gone above and beyond to make this year’s festival the best yet with a new lay out, bigger dance floors, more camping space, insane decor and live art installations which we’re really excited to see and a whole bunch more.

They’ve even opted to go the cashless route. This means that all of your money will be loaded onto your wristband pre-festival (online/pre-collection), or at the festival on arrival, with top-up stations on the grounds should you need access to more credit. But you can check all the updates on their fan page.

For now, let’s get to the music…


SATURDAY 23:20 pm

Hands down one of the funkiest indie bands out there and have remained constant, strong songwriters in my opinion. To be honest I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Beautifully executed lyrics, a delightful contrast of pop and electronica and if recorded live performances are anything to go by; then front man Mark Foster is sure not to disappoint. They are my answer to Cold Play and man do they do it best.


SATURDAY 3:50 pm

South African Jazz royalty, Hugh Masekala will be gracing our presence at Daisies this year and anyone appreciating South African music today should be sure to pay homage to a homegrown musical genius. Bra Hugh makes his Daisies debut.



Consisting of well known names in the South African electronic music scene, behr, leeu, polarimpala & pebuh make up the collective; Hadedah. The group is based in Gauteng and occasionally bring their sound and performance to Cape Town. I was lucky to see them perform together and it was really an intricate performance, both visually and musically. The collective travel through the sensory experiences of live electronica and vision play and aim to serve as a platform to elevate various art mediums, provide fresh perspectives and stimulate creative thought whilst uplifting local music.

Expect to be blown away by this act as they take you into the audio and visual cosmos.


SATURDAY 3:30 pm

It’s Eats Everything, need we say anymore?

Since Claude van Stroke picked him up and quickly added him to the Dirtybird roster, the rest you can say, is history.


SUNDAY 10:30 am

The project of Leeu really pushes the boundaries of production as he really explores the electronic music genre. He’s known for telling a story through his sets; they’re a journey into his mind and his views into the sonic landscapes.

He’s carefully crafted & found his signature sound with this Leeu project after moving on from his Lex Orbit moniker. This project is heavily focused on African sounds and rhythms, taking influence from a wide variety of traditional South African sounds, musical genres and instruments while using electronic music as a vehicle to keep music alive from local cultures that are rapidly being forgotten in a more modern society.

He also forms part of Hadedah collective alongside behr, polarimpala and pebuh performing at Daisies.


FRIDAY 4:00 pm

The duo Beat Sampras have really grown from strength to strength in such a short time and have continually reinforced their status in the local Hip Hop scene with massive releases one after the other, with their 8 track EP self-titled ‘BEAT SAMPRAS’ and a follow up EP recorded and produced at the Red Bull Studio called ‘Eden’.

They’ve been working together since February 2016 and really caught my eye after a note-worthy performance at Cape Town Electronic Music Festival.

They cross multiple genres with their performance ranging from 90’s-era hip hop, future beats, RnB, Trap and Jazz infused with smooth vocals, enchanting guitar lines and soul-shifting bass. Don’t miss Beat Sampras on the Two’s Up stage.


SATURDAY 9:30 pm

If you want to watch a live act that will literally make you beg for more when it’s done, then you need make sure you’re in the Electronic Dome at 9:30pm on Saturday night. This live duo of Craig Schouw & Marcia Alves are known for their progressive, yet thumping Techno sound. Craig on decks and Marcia on vox, their marriage of sounds will leave you on the dance floor till the early hours of the morning.

A full live performance is what sets these two a part from the rest, the dream like synthy vocals from Alves accompanied by the high energy and years of experience behind the controllers from Schouw. Their live set will take you on a trajectory journey through space, time and memories. Take a listen to their latest release on Triplefire Music.


SATURDAY 10:30 pm

B Type has become a household name not only for tearing up dance floors across the country, at festivals and clubs a like, he’s quickly becoming the go-to man for booking some of the biggest names in the industry and bringing them down to South Africa. His knowledge of the Techno genre, and a multitude of unreleased tracks, allows him to play one of the more cutting edge sets you’ll hear in Cape Town. The man lives music and gives his ‘everything’ through the music he plays.

Having a DJ career spanning all the way back to the 90’s, his sound and musical preference has evolved over the years to where he is today. This is a set not to be missed. You can expect some seriously thumping Techno in the Rave Cave from 10:30pm onward.


SATURDAY 9:00 pm

Pretoria’s finest export, Trancemicsoul is constantly pushing his production to the next level. He’s one of South Africa’s best Deep House producer/DJ in my opinion. His journey started at a young age as he was influenced by various electronic music genres shaping him to the sound he’s distinctly known for today.

After releasing his debut album in 2010 on American label Seasons Limited, he quickly moved onto newer projects with labels like GOGO Music, Adaptation Music, Peppermint Jam, and Peng. In 2013 he represented South Africa at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York.

We regard Trancemicsoul as one of South Africa’s best soulful, deep house producers and you will find us in the Electronic Dome from start to finish of his set.


SATURDAY 11:30 pm

International Techno power house Matador is an act Capetonians have been begging for. This booking is possibly our favourite booking of Daisies. Matador, the Dublin native, has been continually decimating dance floors across the globe with a huge number of his tracks being played down in Cape Town week in and week out. With early signings to Cocoon & Perc, it seemed like Matador was destined for great things and next thing he knew he was signed to Richie Hawtin’s ‘Minus’ label.

He’s worked with the biggest names in the industry and played in Ibiza, Mykonos, Amsterdam, BPM Festival, which ultimately shaped and help evolve his sound and production.His music is clearly recognizable on dance floors all over the globe. Expect a thunderous Techno set from Matador as he is set to turn the Electronic Dome upside with his relentless signature sounds.


FRIDAY 2:30 am

Pascal and Pearce are a  duo that as taken the South Africa’s electronic dance world by storm with 2 number one releases on 5FM and a list of collaborative work with some of the most highly regarded musicians in the country. Pascal Ellinas & Dave Pearce have continually allowed their creativity to flow throughout their production. Starting off over 7 years ago, the duo have seen stages at SA’s biggest festivals.

Expect a mash up of live production, gnarly basslines, thumping, dirty beats and a healthy dose of fist pumping.


SATURDAY 8:00 pm

Two names that need no introduction, in fact, if you’re not going to watch STAB Virus at Daisies, then you’re missing out on one of the best up & coming production duos we’ve seen for a long time.

Take our word… Don’t be late for STAB Virus…


FRIDAY 1:00 am

Australian producers Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have to be one of my biggest highlights of this years festival. This high energy crew have been throwing it down hard since 2011 when they formed. Both producers were part of the DnB group Pendulum and came together to form Knife Party with the aim of bringing “evil electronic” to dance floors.

I’ve personally always enjoyed their high-tension, overexposed, sharpened club beats that are so synthy you need shades.


SATURDAY 4:30 pm

Card on Spokes has a really incredible background with musical instruments. After releasing 3 successful albums, he’s going back to his roots and releasing an instrumentally inspired album just in time for Rocking the Daisies. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the album and you can expect a review very soon. This album has a strong jazz element with collaborations by trumpeter Marcus Wyatt, drummer Jonno Sweetman, and British saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings (Floating Points, Sons Of Kemet).

Expect a live show like no other from Card on Spokes.


SATURDAY 8:00 pm

Get grooving for a good cause. Bouncy, dense and jivey beats are traits that make anyone gravitate straight toward a Beating Heart set. What’s even more special is the clear inspiration of African styles of music with samples taken from the archive of the International Library of African music. A polished take on same very classic and minimal beats coupled with with the sounds of Sub Saharan Africa recorded between 1920-1970. This is a set not to be missed. Read more about their cause here: (CLICK HERE)


FRIDAY 9:00 pm

I hope I don’t show off my age with this comment but I saw Superfly about 15 years ago where he had the crowd eating out the palm of his hands. Fast forward 15 years to CTEMF, where Superfly’s booking brought about a whack of nostalgia among many Capetonians. Superfly is known as one of the pioneers in the South Africa electronic music scene, one of the driving forces behind the disco and house movements music in Cape Town. His careers spans over 4 decades.

Come let Superfly take you on a musical journey in the Nu World Beat Barn at Rocking The Daisies.


SATURDAY 1:00 am

If you were at Daisies in 2014 when Rudimentals moved their main stage live performance into the Rave Cave for an exclusive DJ set, you’ll know what we’re talking about when we say this act set should NOT be missed.

There are obviously loads of acts we could haven’t mentioned in this list but we had to keep it to a minimum otherwise I would never have finished this article.

Here are all the line up times for you. Make sure you mark down all the headliners, your favourite acts, and while you’re at it; do me one big favour and support our local musicians and comedians. We’ve got some of the greatest talents down here and we need to all expand our horizons and learn about as many new acts as possible.

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