11 Things You Should Know About Bazique Festival

Bazique is looking set to cement itself as the best camping festival on the Cape Town circuit... How are 11 reasons why!

Bazique Festival is just around the corner and the debut festival is set to take place over the 16th – 18th of March at the Elgin Grabouw Country Club just 1 hour from Cape Town. The venue is situated on a private lake, for swimming, art boats and music activity on the water (and trust us, there will be). 

Think large-scale art installations by world famous Daniel Popper, the Department of Arsing About including Fashion Weak, Mermaid Workshops, Human Ten Pin Bowling, Dance Duels. There’ll be the Starlit Spa with hot tub sessions all weekend (feel free to add Champagne to your sessions), beauty and massage sessions, out of this world activations, casinos (Black tie only), churches, weddings and everything else you can imagine…

Bazique has it all and more… if you don’t believe us, buy your ticket and come see for yourself… RIGHT HERE

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