1,000 alleged paedophiles identified using a CGI 10-year-old Filipina girl

CGI Phillipeano paedo catcher

This is both cool and absolutely gross as well… In an effort to reduce the rampant amount of child sex tourism on the interwebs children’s rights group, Terres des Hommes has been using a completely computer generated CGI 10-year-old Filipina named ‘Sweetie’ to bait and catch paedophiles lurking in the dark corners of the web.

From the initiative they’ve managed to secure the details of thousands of would be paedos, handing their details over to the police to be further investigated. Of the people who have already been caught, over 1,000  of them offered her money, 254 of them were from the US and 110 were from the UK.

“We identified ourselves as 10-year-old Filipino girls. We did not solicit anything unless it was offered to us,”

-said one member of the team.

Terres des Hommes have now ceased the operation, having handed their findings over to Interpol and here’s the video of how the whole thing went down:

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