10 things your kids may never know about

This all started one night out in Cape Town while having a drunken conversation with one of my friends who was born post 80’s (it’s a nice way of saying she was 18). She asked if I would mind grabbing her another drink at the bar- to which I replied “Of course hun, I’ll have it done with the speed of the PUMA PUMA PUMA like Marshall Bravestarr”. She looked at me rather blankly and asked “Who the hell is Marshall Bravestarr?”. Now this made me realise 2 very important things- Firstly, that maybe I should be hanging out with older girls and refer less to cartoons and secondly, that there are at least 10 things that I can think of that your kids & sometimes dates may never know about.
1. The number of TV channels in South Africa being limited to single digits
2. Radio 2000 simultaneous English Broadcasts of TV series dubbed in Afrikaans (thank you apartheid…not)

4. Looking things up in Encyclopaedia and not on Google
5. Spinny Rotary Dial telephones

6. The Dinosaurs TV show… “Honey Im Home!”

7. Having to write down phone numbers/remember them instead of punching them into your cell or blackberry
8. Playing Granny’s Garden on those old Acorn computers in primary school

9. Kentucky Fried Chicken (now its called KFC & if you know that it wasn’t always called that you’re old too. haha)
10. And of course… Marshall Bravestarr (only the coolest Red Indian ever- other than me of course… screw you Pocohantus)
Those are just ten that thought of now and I am sure all of you have fond memories of things from your childhood that your kids might never even know existed… unless they Google’d them that is…

Ricky Bynight out

Bravestarr BRAVESTARR! Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf Bravestarr BRAVESTARR!Strength of the bear, speed of the puma (Bravestarr theme song)

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  1. Ricky.. At least format/layout your articles so they are easier to read. I gave up half way.

    1. This is one of my early blog posts that was transferred over from e-blogger to WP… That messed up the formatting of those earlier posts & we never really fixed them. Read some of the newer stuff, its much better I promise 🙂

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