“Tidily Winks”

Now it’s not often I go on a bit of a rant and rave, but after last night – yoh!
So here we are in Plettenburg Bay, having an amazing time. Loving the quaint coastal life, taking in small town lifestyle, in awe of the stunning views, and to start things off, watching a show at the original Barnyard Theatre. The atmosphere was energetic, the crowd was FAmazing, and I was totally convinced that Plett would be nothing more than warm and inviting!
We decided after the show – and due to very miserable weather – to go into town, hopefully taking in some of the local flavour.

I have to state for the record, I AM NOT A SNOB… Also baring in mind that I have lived in a South African coastal town myself, so I am fully aware of how the community feels when a bunch of out-of-towners raid through ‘life as they know it’, flaring tempers everywhere.
I also know how they shoot up the price of drinks, or a simple entry fee to a venue that would usually be considered, for lack of a better way to state it, less than worth an admission fee.

So here we are… finding ourselves – in a queue – with an entry of R50, to a place that looks more like a kids crèche, than a place I’d even consider paying two cents worth to get into.
Oh did I forget to mention, we had a couple of locals with us too. So the bouncer at this point glazed over the four of us, pointed a yes for free entry towards their fellow townies, and a no for us. PFFFT, no thank you… next location!
Thankfully we found a chilled and awesome vibe in a tiny little place called CuBar!
Friendly faces, gracious and welcoming barmen, and a great atmosphere as far as tunes go. Unfortunately, last rounds are called at 2AM! Not wanting to call it, we went to the next destination…

Well jollied up by this stage we enter what seems to be a fairly decent scene.
At this point I realized how sad ‘small town mentality’ is! Once again trying to stick a R50 entry under our noses, our partners in crime protested a tad, finally getting it down to R20, but only to the dismay of one fallen soldier – who has lived in Plett his whole life, but now moved to Jozi – and is no longer considered to be a local.
The ‘big bad bouncer’ then blurted out sarcastically, (and this while I’m digging into my bag to get cash), “Either pay or go somewhere else!” YOH YOH YOH! I DO NOT do well with attitude!
Seems this mind-set runs right into the core of the club.

Eventually the only thing that could lift the mood was some awesome deck spinning from Euphonik. Thank goodness! So sad to, because it’s a great venue with lots of space, and even more ridiculous to fathom, is that the venues even have the same owners – WTF?!

I’m all for making some coin from ‘foreigners’, but the least you could do is try and treat these ‘cash horses’ with a little more respect.
I’m sure I can find many other ways to entertain myself for the rest of my stay in this gorgeous town, but I don’t see myself supporting that place again.

‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ – my ass!
Small towns always complain they don’t make enough cash out of season… Maybe if they work on their etiquette, people might be motivated to re-visit! Word of mouth advertising, as we know, is the most powerful!
Next time, reconsider lashing out to re-enforce your small man syndrome… If I had some crown jewels I might have drawn a line to see who could reach the furthest.
Note to self – carry a ruler in my back pocket when going out in Plett…

I WON’T let this spoil my visit here though – still lots to see and do in the next couple of days!

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  1. I am originally from PE, but stay in CPT now. Whenever I go home, I *always* get charged extra as I am no longer a townie.. This is absolute BS, and the worst is if the bouncers at these “clubs” humiliate you in front of friends.

    Worse is they want to do business but it doesn’t seem so from their actions

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