Watch | South Africa’s Alice Phoebe Lou and GOT star Maisie Williams perform together in Berlin

South Africa's Alice Phoebe Lou and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams perform together in Berlin


Last year, Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams made a special stop in Berlin where she got to hang out with the creative collective Majestic Casual and got to perform with South African born musician Alice Pheobe Lou.

Williams toured Europe last year to promote her newly launched social media platform for creatives called ‘Daisie’. The live session with Alice and Maisie was recorded at the Zeiss Planetarium in Berlin where Williams wrote her own spoken-word piece inspired by Alice’s lyrics and her “musing on the cosmos and our place in the universe.” Maisie then performed her piece along with Alice on a track called ‘Galaxies.’

Williams also recorded a ‘behind the scenes session’ where she describes the entire experience and her new platform.

Watch both ‘Galaxies’ and the behind the scenes footage below. For more information on Maisie Williams’ new app called ‘Daisie‘ then visit their website right here.

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