Watch | R.Kelly addresses sexual abuse allegations in bizarre CBS interview


R&B singer R.Kelly has faced sexual abuse allegations since the early nineties when a disturbing tape surfaced of what appeared to be R.Kelly and a prepubescent girl engaged lurid sex acts. The singer has managed to hush accusations over the years but when the release of an explosive six-part documentary titled Surviving R.Kelly aired on Lifetime in January this year, the case against him blew up overnight.

The chilling docuseries chronicles the violent sexual abuse of Kelly as told by those closest to the star, even more disturbing, Surviving R.Kelly addresses the present abuse of multiple women who are currently involved with the singer.

After piling allegations and major public outcry, the star was recently arrested and released again on bond. In his first interview since being charged with aggravated sexual abuse, R. Kelly told CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King the accusations are lies in a bizarre interview in which he displays signs of dissociation. The charges involve four women, three of whom were underage at the time of the alleged events.

Watch the interview in full below and follow CBS This Morning as the reveal more parts of the interview to come.

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