Watch | Pornhub launches an exclusive channel dedicated to helping save the Bees

Pornhub Bee Porn


Pornhub recently launched a new initiative in aid of wildlife, and this time, they want you to get down and dirty and “BeeSexual” with the pollinators of our world.

Beelieve it or not, Pornhub, the adult streaming site, has a philanthropic division which has just launched a new campaign and exclusive channel called BeeSexual. Past wildlife initiatives spearheaded by Pornhub include their 2016 campaign to save sperm whales. For every 2,000 video views, it pledged to donate one cent to a whale-focused nonprofit organization.

Pornhub Bee Porn

And in 2017, it launched a “Panda Style” campaign in aid of giant pandas. The site asked people to dress as pandas while fornicating to encourage the nearly extinct species to breed. For every “Panda Style” style video, Pornhub pledged to donate $100 to panda-focused nonprofit initiatives, including the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Now, Pronhub is out to save the Bees with their brand new campaign BeeSexual. The campaign includes the launch of an exclusive channel which will feature Bee porn videos. That’s right, Bee porn! With titles including, “How to Make a Flower Cum in Three Seconds.”

Pornhub will donate to bee-protecting organizations like Operation Honey Bee and the Center for Honeybee Research for every view of their new bee porn, Watch the promo video below and visit Pornhub for more.






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