WATCH | Mecer’s #WeAreAllSouthAfrican advert is being called the worst local commercial ever


Earlier this year, local PC manufacturer Mecer launched a new advert meant to celebrate three decades of producing local products. Unfortunately, the commercial’s offbeat delivery and bouts of sporadic dancing did not settle well with the public.

It features groups of people dancing to a form of a rap-come-spoken-word piece by a rather out of breath lead. All this takes place in a factory, where the dancers, perhaps employees are celebrating local manufacturing and everything South African, from the Springboks to Nelson Mandela because “local is not kak” according to Mecer.

The out of breath speaker/dancer/factory manager explains how local manufacturing boosts economic growth and provides jobs, and at one point he shoves dancers wearing international brands like Nike, Kappa and Adidas out of the way.

Needless to say, Twitter was not impressed. Dozens of social media users complained about the ad’s cheap production values, clichés and dated aesthetics and an extensive run time of 2 minutes. Watch the full advert below.

We are Swati, we are Tsonga too, like a one-tonne bakkie, we do what we need to do.”

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