This Man Got Slapped Out of ‘His Feelings’ While Doing The Viral ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge.


It looks like this one just won’t go away. A trend that just doesn’t know when it has run its course. For many of us – those who ‘don’t get it’- it can be frustrating and annoying to watch what some people do the things they do.

Many people have been taking risks, getting hurt, dragged and collided into an array of things to take part in the viral internet sensation. Dubbed the ‘In my feelings’, ‘Kiki’ or ‘Shiggy’ challenge which uses the Drake track ‘In My Feelings’ and sees fans jumping out of moving cars and dancing has become a major trend from celebrities to idiots alike taking part.

While we don’t condone violence, we can’t help but relate to this passerby’s outrage and protest. Watch the clip below.

Finally someone did it

Posted by Sesh Gremlin on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

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