These four South African cities have the highest quality of living in Africa


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Numbeo recently revealed the results of their 2019 global Quality of Life Index – a report listing cities across the world with the highest standard of living. The index measures the cost of living and purchasing power, affordability of housing, pollution including air, water, crime rates, health system quality, and traffic (commute times) of each city. Out of Africa only Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town made it onto the list with Cape Town identified as the city that provides the best quality of life in the whole of Africa.

Out of 233 cities, Cape Town came in at 122 and number one in Africa. Joburg follows with 129.02 while Pretoria came in at 131.29. The top three places in the world include Canberra, Australia, followed by Raleigh, in the United States and Adelaide in Australia.

According to the index, while Joburg’s cost of living is lower, the level of crime in Johannesburg is ranked quite high. Overall, Cape Town’s crime index is 70.29 while Joburg’s index is 80.25.

Of the 463 South Africans who participated on the website’s survey said that they do not deem it very safe walking alone in the city of Jozi during the day or even at night. While in Cape Town, participants said it is moderately safe to walk alone in the city during the day, but not during the night. Visit the Numbeo’s website for the report and more.




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  1. Very interesting statistic – not only for south african cities but for the cities of europe also!

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