The best April Fool’s pranks by the biggest brands across the globe


Yesterday the entire globe spent the day fact-checking or falling for fake news. Many hopes were built up, dreams crushed and scare-tactics delivered. While we posted no such content, we were surprised to find our readers believing that our article covering Nu Metro’s screening of the first episode of GOT S8 is an April Fool’s joke – well it’s not.

But the announcements made yesterday by the brands below definitely are jokes. Take a look at some the best April Fool’s pranks from around the world.

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Pick n Pay’s Taste Tech

Yesterday, Pick n Pay announced it had developed an in-app function that allows users to taste and smell food on their cellphones and the response was priceless.

Google’s Tulip

Google claimed to be launching a new home system that not only promises to keep your tulips entertained, but understood.

McDonald’s Milkshake Sauce Pots

McDonald’s trolled the strange minority of this world who enjoy dipping their fries in milkshakes by faking the launch of convenient, sauce-pot-sized milkshake dips.

Tinder’s Height Verification

Tinder’s prank was the release of a ‘height verification’ badge on the platform that promised to end “height fishing.”

Honda’s Polite Horn

Honda passively aggressively addresses road rage in their April Fool’s prank video with a passive aggressive solution – the Polite Horn.  A traditional car-horn with a “politer” approach that lets fellow drivers know that you’re not impressed with their behaviour or skills.

Jägermeister’s Jägerbong

Jägermeister broke hearts this year with their Jägermeister-themed bong kit complete with a recyclable bottle, a carb, a hacky sack, eye drops, a lighter, and grinder… who else wishes this wasn’t a prank?



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