Students can take a free course in Zoology and Oceanography in Cape Town


Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium is offering an amazing free educational programme for aspiring marine scientists.

The Aquarium’s new Oceanography and Zoology programme is a two-part course for students in their final year of high school and who might want to pursue a career in marine science.

South Africa’s educational system often provides a poor foundation for marine biology and oceanography which is not adequate in order to be prepared for university. The Aquarium’s courses are created to bridge this gap and will be offered at no charge to 50 Grade 11 students who have a keen interest in marine sciences.

Pupils who wish to partake will have to apply for the course online. The programme aims to inspire a more ocean-literate youth and ensure their future contribution to and preservation of our oceans.

The Aquarium also offers many other courses for free which you can take a look at right here.

Find out more about the course and how to apply below.

Examples of course content include

– Introduction to Oceanography

– Ocean geology

– Ocean chemistry

– Classification and characteristics of major marine phyla

– Levels of organisation in living organisms

– Comparative life processes and physiology.

Application Details

To apply, locals can email for application forms or call 021 814 4555 for more information. Find out more about the course right here.

– Zoology course dates: July 1 & 5 2019

– Oceanography course dates: September 23 – 27 2019

– Students need to do both parts to get the full benefit of this course.

– Application deadline: May 22 2019


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  1. Is this course only for those students in grade 12 or is it open to university students as well?

    1. Only for school kid’s I’m afraid, but they will be holding a volunteer course for adults later this year that covers a lot of the same content (no details for that yet though). Follow their Facebook page, or email if they want future updates.

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