Spotlight Exclusives Present, a Night with FABIO.

SPOTLIGHT Exclusives is dedicated to the extended set journey. One dj, one 5-hour marathon music showcase.

SPOTLIGHT Exclusives is dedicated to the extended set journey. One dj, one 5-hour marathon music showcase.

Spotlight returns, for the first time in 2018 and we’re excited to present a night with Fabio at the new Mødular. venue. Fabio leaves his post at And in Johannesburg to bring us a refined selection of his finest tracks, the music that makes him the artist he is today, and we can’t wait to hear what he has planned for us. The event is made for a cosy and intimate atmosphere in which to embark on a foray into the sounds behind South Africa’s most loved electronic dj’s, and we have a good feeling that Fabio and Modular will turn us on our ears. Local favourite, KYLE RUSSOUW opens proceedings for what is sure to be a night of seasoned sonic throw-down.


Co-founder of TOYTOY and half-owner of & Club, Fabio is the quintessential 80’s kid. A product of the music video generation he grew up taping 80’s pop shows to VHS so he could listen to them again and again. But it wasn’t until he began attending raves in the early 90’s that he was first exposed to dance music.

This new sound awoke something in him and he began to seek it out, eventually moving to Europe, working in record stores in London and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and becoming obsessed with music from Detroit, particularly techno and electro. The characteristic driving rhythms and melodies of which can still be found in the music he plays today, almost 18 years later. Fabio’s style itself is characterised by smooth mixing that transitions easily and he tends to limit his use of effects and gadgetry, letting the music speak for itself. That said, his choice of music can be quite experimental in the right environment, exploring disco, 80’s, indie and electro sounds.

Whatever he chooses to play however, you can be sure that it’s been considered ahead of time, because by his own admission and in his own words: “It’s the music that keeps me coming back week after week, searching for that moment the music flows and that wonderful exchange with the audience begins to happen, it’s like nothing else.”

Although sporadic in occurence, these events have warmed the ankles of seasoned local dancers who appreciate each artist’s journey, and indulge the sonic catalogue as it plays on the night. Wear comfy shoes and bring your best moves. Ladies free before 11pm/R100 at the door.


SPOTLIGHT shines a light on the story of each of its artists. Each event gives the artist the opportunity to take you on a journey of what makes them who they are, musically. In the form of an exclusive, all-night set, each Spotlight artist will take you through the sonic elements and genre’s that have shaped them. In addition, they select their own supporting act, someone they feel is suited to compliment what they have planned on their night. With the emphasis on the DJ, Spotlight aims to offer the punter an authentic experience, one stemming from a place any music enthusiast knows well: a place where good nights out are shaped by meandering journeys through beat-mapped jungles and top-end peaks.

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