Sharing memes online without consent is actually a crime South African law states


Cover meme | aliendo on imgflip

Under current copyright laws in South Africa, it is in fact actually illegal to share memes online that do not belong to you. The issue of Fair Dealing versus Fair Use plus the current law opposed to the new proposed law has been causing a stir in the copyright industry.

The legislation was originally written in 1978 and then updated in 2002 and could even be updated again this year. The new Copyright Amendment Bill will be adopted by the National Council of the Provinces this month. Douglas Scott, president of Wikimedia ZA said that the current law is behind in terms of technology.

Memes are not allowed [to be shared] under the Fair Dealing law. Also, the sharing of pictures of public monuments is most probably illegal, it’s just that it has not been tested in court yet. Wikipedia itself doesn’t accept photos of newly-built monuments because of the current act, only pictures of colonial-era monuments, such as the Rhodes statue because its copyright licence has expired.” Douglas Scott Wikimedia President

Next time you decide to share a meme, beautiful photograph or artwork best you credit the creator of the content, it’s common courtesy anyway.

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