Seeing Double: Our Top 20 Duo Experiences in SA

A word to the wise as this editorial is a bit more unorthodox than my usual shenanigans. Once again, this is your Captain Gonzo on the A’s & B’s with a piece which took me almost a month to put together. My third for 2017 and something very different, I give you: 20 Notable Duos in SA.

It must be noted that this editorial as a very odd criterion to begin with and in turn has led to something which could spark quite a lot of controversy. With that being here is the overall classification that each duo could fall into:

Original (Duos started from scratch)
Pre-Established (Duos with initial fan bases for current solo projects)
Verse (Loosely based around the idea of initially based entities to form a complementary entity rather than a new one)
Concept (Duos we would like to see come to life at least once)
Reignited (Duos we would like to see together once more)

NB: These selections were made purely based on personal assessment of originality and presence and understand the significance of other entities meeting the criteria (which we would love to know about). With that being said here is the checklist followed: Any genre, DJ/Producer/Performer, only two entities in the act, SA born.


Name: The Commercial Hippies
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Psytrance
Classification – Original, Reignition
Links – Commercial Hippies

These sneaky peeps from Cape Town are the rock stars of the scene. Anton & Gareth are two of Nano Records regulars who have beat the test of time and have continuously put out quality with every release, seen in Anton’s Breaker alias as well which has picked up quite a lot of traction as of late. 


Name – Bongani Zulu x Audiojerk
Location – Pretoria/Cape Town
Genre – Deep House/Techno
Classification – Concept, Verse
Linksaudiojerk, Bongani Zulu

Priding themselves in their craft, the possible collaboration between Bongani & Makonwabe could be something of legend status. With a strong grasp of their sound, the overlap is an experience we personally would love to make happen in the near future.


Name – Pitch Hikers (Shift & Slug)
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Psytrance
Classification – Reignition, Pre-Established
Links – PitchHikers

The collaboration of Nexus Media alum Chris (Shift) & Liam (Slug) is every psytrance goers dream from the 2000s. With Chris’s Twisted System project (with Rabdom L & Phyx) also having a huge cult following, this is one of those brainchild duos we would like to see “Hike The Pitch” once more.


Name – F.eU
Location – JHB
Genre – House
Classification – Pre-Established, Verse

As their fan page says, “Two generations of House have joined forces and become one of the hottest acts in South Africa better known as F.eU“. Two extremely brilliant personalities who come together to give you a taste of that all too familiar South African flavour on a global scale. Their exploits have earned them call ups not only in SA but to stages such as Ultra Miami not too long ago. 


Name – LCNVL (Locnville)
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Electronic / Hip Hop / Dance
Classification – Original
Links – Locnville

Multiplatinum brothers Andrew & Brian Chaplin have become such big artists in SA and their journey clearly shows that. Having been MTV EMA winners they have come a long way since their newcomers status they gained back in 2011 & in time will become a newcomer’s search for inspiration.


Name – B_Type x Nick Grater
Location – Cape Town/Johannesburg
Genre – Techno
Classification – Concept, Verse
LinksB TYPE, Nick Grater

Brendon & Nick hold so much similarity in their approach to the industry that it hard not to see this happening. With their approaches influencing their music it makes for a showcase of floor shattering proportions.


Name – Christian Tiger School
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Electronica
Classification – Original
Links Christian Tiger School 

There’s not much that can be said about the likes of Luc Veermeer and Sebastiano Zanasi’s Christian Tiger School apart from the fact that you need to give it a listen as soon as possible. With solo projects being put into works as well, you can expect to hear CTS sharing their sound throughout Europe around the time of Sonar.


Name – Sibot x Toyota
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Electro, Bass
Classification – Original
Links – Sibot

From the days of Discoteque, Sibot has been bringing us some of the most iconic performances. With the emergence of Sibot x Toyota and an overall unique atmosphere surrounding the experience we are excited to see what they bring to #RTD2017


Name – Headroom x Broken Toy
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Psytrance
Classification – Concept, Verse
Links – Headroom, Broken Toy

The kings of the trance party Sunday-Funday are two of the most unique psytrance producers SA has to over and with their friendship being stretched back to their earlier years of being in the scene, we are surprised to not have seen this happen already. Maybe it’s about time…


Name – Hippie Mafia/Double Story
Location – Johannesburg
Genre – Psytrance
Classification – Original
Links – Hippie Mafia, Double Story 

The mixture of Josh & Daniel has led to the establishment of not one but two very different projects, not only as a duo but as a whole within the psytrance community. With both projects having such an unexpected take on things, it’s only fair that one of the projects made it onto the Alien Records roster.


Name – Hyphen x SFR
Location – Cape Town/Zurich
Genre – DnB
Classification – Reignition, Verse
Links Hyphen, SFR

In an orthodox world filled with Electronic Dance Music & Techno, Hyphen & SFR were the people to go to for quality bass experiences. With SFR currently deep into the production realm, we owe it to ourselves to bring to the attention of everyone this throwback and prospect for those unaware.


Name – Mad Science (Rubix Qube & EMP)
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Psytrance
Classification – Pre-Established
LinksMad Science

Dr. Qube & Professor  E. Magneticus as they are informally called is the amalgamation of Cape Town Psytrance moguls Rubix Qube & EMP to form one of the past two seasons biggest acts. The new kings of the Cinderella set as I like to call them, Kieron & Vaughns Mad Science is one of very few acts to really rile up any mosh pit regardless of your psytrance preference.


Name – Leighton Moody x Cassiem Latief
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Deep Tech
Classification – Verse
LinksLeighton Moody, Cassiem Latief

We House regulars and longtime partners in crime, Leighton Moody & Cassiem Latief have built their reputation on the bringing the community a soulful reimagination in every set. As both hold quite a huge following as individuals, the Leighton Moody x Cassiem Latief experience is a vibrant yet emotive journey which can only be appreciated in person.


Name – Fogshow
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Techno
Classification – Pre-Established

If anybody has been into the underground realms of the early years of electronic in Cape Town this decade then you would know what this is all aboutVeterans in their own right, The Fogshow experience is both overwhelming and awe-inspiring to the soul.


Name – Killer Robot (Bruno Morphet & Ivan Turanjanin)
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Techno
Classification – Pre-Established
LinksKiller Robot

Initially alongside Adam ‘AK47’ Klein, Bruno & Ivan’s Killer Robot established their brand of cheeky & cutting-edge techno in the early days of Fiction back in 2006. Having a vast amount of international experience under their belt playing alongside the likes of Sasha, Dubfire, Seth Troxler and more, Killer Robot is the Cape Town’s answer to Digital Rockit and in turn has seen the formation of Rockit Robot from time to time.


Name – New Hero (Grimehouse & Scottie Moore)
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Electronic
Classification – Pre-Established
Links New Hero

Punk rock, bad boy, cheeky bass, magnificence. That’s the only way one can explain the New Hero duo. Already ripping floors apart as Grimehouse and Scottie filling to sound of studios, their fresh take on electronic music has built its own little cult following and ultimately led to a very niche style being brought across.


Name – Culoe De Song x Black Coffee
Location – Durban/Johannesburg
Genre – House
Classification – Reignition, Verse
LinksCuloe De Song, Black Coffee 

With Da Capo coming in a close third, Song & Coffee’s b2b set was a once a lifetime manifestation. Currently journeying on different ends of the earth, it’s going to be tough to get this to happen sooner, rather than later but as pioneers of SA house movement, we can only dream to make this a reality once more.



Name – Black Motion (Murder & SMOL)
Location – Gauteng
Genre – Soul, House
Classification – Pre-Established
Links Black Motion

Gold selling SAMA winners, Rob & Thabo had years of experience under their belt before this project even came to light. Having worked with the like of Coffee & Oskido in the not so distant past they have harnessed a fruitful dynamic clearly seen in their NYE Spirit Motion experience.


Name – Pascal & Pearce
Location – Cape Town
Genre – Electronic
Classification – Original
LinksPascal and Pearce 

By far one of the biggest exports of EDM in SA, Pascal Ellinas & Dave Pearce have done things in the last decade that the artists dream about. Having played alongside the likes of K$HMR, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto & Swedish House Mafia to name a few, their contribution doesn’t ever miss a beat. From the time of “Disko Biskit” till now, they are the face of SA EDM.



Name – Goldfish
Location – Cape Town
Genre – “Organic” House
Classification – Original
Links –  GoldFishLive

Sundays are not the same in summer without the likes of the Goldfish Submerged Sundays experience. Almost at the end of their UK/US tour, the Goldfish guys must be itching to get back to cape soil. They say “Home is where the heart is” and with the things these two bring to the table when back home, it’s clear to see they share an equal love for both the music and the country they bring it to back to.

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