RocoMamas’ new advert says we should be furious with false advertising

RocoMamas campaign - #EatingIsBelieving 2019


“Advertising lies! Is what you see really what you get? Cheese in a sausage, crust in a crust. This isn’t food, it’s a farce. We should be furious!” RocoMamas‘ latest tv advert exclaims. The South African fast food chain’s new marketing piece challenges marketing altogether and the rhetoric of “expectation vs reality.”

Our favourite F-bomb is F-R-E-S-H! From farm to your FACE!”

“Food styling and photoshopping is no secret and in an age where authenticity reigns supreme, we make it a point not to photoshop or style any of our food”, says RocoMamas brand manager Adam Deane.

“We want customers to know that what they see in our advertising is what they will get in our restaurants. It’s because of this core value that we photograph all our food in one of our restaurants, made by the same staff that serve our customers and within clear view of customers in the restaurant at the time,” he says.

Watch RocoMamas‘ #EatingIsBelieving in full below and discover more viral adverts right here.

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