Our MCBN X UCOOK Experience -Week One – Reviewed.

Last week Monday we began our mouthwatering month-long challenge with UCOOK. Leading the entire experience as “head-chef” is none other than MyCityByNight founder – Craig Stack. Known to be less than talented in the kitchen, Mr Stack is being put to the test this month with UCOOK’s simple, straightforward gourmet recipes. We wanted to truly see if just about anyone, with almost no cooking skills, could whip up a decent meal using the service – which claims to make cooking easy and adventurous for just about anybody.

Monday started off on an excellent note with our box of three courses arriving nice and early at the office. Boxed neatly, all ingredients arrived fresh, not frozen and were portioned perfectly. Below Craig reviews each dish in his own words. Make sure to read on and find out how you can get 30% off your first UCOOK box this month!


Meal One: Chilli Pork Beans

“My first UCOOK success blew me out the box! I never imaged I could ever put together such divine dish from start to finish. This one was a lot of fun to prepare, from roasting garlic to making my own tomato chilli sauce to discovering how amazing a simple rocket and pepper salad can be. The spicey cannellini beans were a favourite with my girlfriend who has since made more from the recipe card -which we get to keep!”

Meal Two: Red Thai Chicken Noodles

“The dish I was most afraid to cook. It’s an authentic recipe with a modern twist, and I really wanted to ensure I could recreate the flavours correctly – The recipe was engaging and fun to follow and as I progressed, I realised there really was no way I could mess up. Everything is measured perfectly from spices to stock and meat. It took me less than 40min to prep/cook and 10min to devour – simply scrumptious. ”

Meal Three: Rump Steak and Creamy Potato Bake

“Good old rump steak and potato bake? Not a chance. While I do love my steak(cooked to death as you can see) The star dish of this meal has to be the sensational Mediterranean-style potato bake filled with sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh cream! Before this challenge, I wouldn’t even know where to begin making a normal bake but now I’m giving fresh tips on a potato baking to my own mother!”


Our Favourite Meal of the Week:

“While I thoroughly enjoyed making and indulging in each and every single meal, the most educational, tasty and unique dish I had the pleasure of making was the Chilli and Pork Beans. A Spanish-inspired party in my mouth!”

It hasn’t taken long for this fabulous concept to make its way into all our hearts and stomachs. Our only issue is that you can only currently order three meals per week – something we hope to see pushed up to five in the future. It’s trustworthy, convenient and adventurous…

And just to show you how excited we are to share this experience with you – we are giving away an exclusive 30% off your first UCOOK box, just use our special code (#mcbn) when signing up.

Box two arrives today – Keep your eyes peeled for this week’s dishes and their review. For more information, visit the UCOOK website, join their fanpage or simply sign up with your code (#mcbn) right here. 

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