Marshmello To Play A Virtual Show In Fortnite – Here’s All The Event Details


The United States Super Bowl is just days away and to ensure their fans and gamers will partake in the festivities,  Epic Games has booked an EDM artist to perform an in-game concert on Fortnite‘s very own football field in ‘Pleasant Ville.’

While Fortnite has not publicly confirmed Marshmello will be the one performing, the artist has added ‘Pleasant Ville’ as one of his upcoming tour dates on his official website. To even further confirm fan’s suspicions – some enterprising data miners, who scoured this week’s update files and found Marshmello-related skins and emotes, as well as the time and date of the concert. According to the leaks, a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called Party at Pleasant Park and will kick things off on Saturday, February 2nd at around 5 pm local time.

What’s even cooler, is if you visit Fornite‘s football field right now, you’ll be able to see that “preparation” for a music event is already underway.

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