In Black & White Artist Exclusive – DANNY BOY/SWAG MONSTER

We chat to one of the brainchildren of the KZN outdoor movement: Danny Beneke aka Danny Boy/Swag Monster

Name: Daniel Beneke

Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here

The Spoken Word

We step away from “basslines” to “touch base” about focus and determination. To one of two entities pushing unification in society within the KZN area. Danny Boy/Swag Monster is just the tip of the ice berg of what he has going on. A maverick and visionaire who are pushing gatherings to the masses in Durban similar to the early moments of organizations such as Vortex and Alien Safari 10-20+ years ago. The movement is needed and people all over SA are appreciating it. Better keep your eyes peeled for them… They will be all over SA soon.

The Scoop 

1) Three Words To Describe Yourself

Daniel: I am passionate, strong willed and loyal.

2) Where did it all start for you? As a musician? When did you feel you found your sound?

Daniel: From a young age i was always into Hip Hop. Listening to the likes of 2pac, Biggie, Wu-tang and so forth… So when I attended my first trance party in the Knysna forests way back in 2000, it sparked my interest into electronic music… So for about 5 years thereafter I spent the time learning the culture, studying the sounds and even volunteering to help at festivals just to be close to the sound. It was then at a festival around 2005 or 6 i think it was here in KZN I heard Zenon for the first time.. From that moment everything changed for me musically and sound wise.. I remember the moment as if it were yesterday.. The lower frequencies and grimy chunky bass lines really resonate with me and my own frequency as a human being… I also like that its different, which is something I try to do with all my sets I play today.. I like to infuse dark elements with equal amounts of light and funk.. I find that Zenon and in particular the Australian artists sound is just cutting edge and so uniquely different that it has kept me interested for the last 13 years.

3) Where does your inspiration stem from?
Daniel: Inspiration for me is something that I find so easy to attain, when we have such great talent and heroes to aspire too locally here in South Africa. We are so blessed to have so many incredible acts and different sounds, that its hard not to be inspired and at the same time kept on your toes as a performer. Acts like Bruce, Tune Raider and Moog are vivid in my memory bank of all time greats.

4) Artists to look out for?

Daniel: Internationally I always looked up to Sensient, Electrypnose, Kliment, Evil Oil Man and Shadow Fx to name a few. Locally there are so many artists to keep an eye out for.. Psydewise for me is a definite standout, along with fellow Ourminds artists like Beartone and Tersius…others from CT are Ebb & Flow and Jack Source… In JHB be on the lookout for Thorne, Jahmanji, Dub Defect & Nia Blaq, Sebotage, Chris Palmer, Shadow Shaman and all of the Zulutunes team… In KZN look out for A Geoffery, Archemedes ZA, Psynapse, Lee Human, Nic Bester, Disco Whiskey, Thalia and Digital Dream.

5) What can we expect in the weeks to come?

Daniel: Being one of the owners of OneLove productions, my main focus at the moment is Connexion festival here in KZN for new years eve.. Thereafter we will be launching our Elysium event in May next year so festival planning is never far away… Performing is something that comes with throwing festivals so I always need to find the time to keep up to date with all my music.. I also have the 2 aliases 1 being trance and the other Swag Monster being geared more toward the tech side of things .. Both sets are always guaranteed to be fresh and in perfect WAV quality. My collection of music is enormous and all geared more toward the beautiful Zenon sound. Look out for our Elysium event in May, as we have an exciting international headliner to announce, set to play alongside South Africa’s finest at the most beautiful venue in the country… OneLove

The Visual

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