HBO release the first trailer for their Game of Thrones documentary ‘The Last Watch’

Kit Harington in HBO's Game of Thrones documentary, 'The Last Watch'


The Game of Thrones community is suddenly divided as the series comes to an end next week. While most are sad to see the show go, others feel cheated by the eighth and final season – salty over Emilia Clarke’s acting and something about the writing, who cares, not me.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed S8 – perhaps the cynics forgot that season one through to six had 10 episodes instead of just 6, giving the creators more time for excessive and intricate plot twists. Although, I think this season has delivered its fair share of twists which you can read about here.

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While Game of Thrones may be coming to an end, a handful of spin-offs are currently in the works like the prequel, ‘Bloodmoon’ [a working title] which began filming this week. It was also rumoured that R.R Martin may be considering a series featuring an older Arya Stark as the main character.

What fans can definitely look forward to shortly after the end of Game of Thrones is HBO’s documentary titled ‘The Last Watch’ which chronicles the entire making of the most succesful series of all time. The network released a trailer for the documentary this week. Watch it in full below.

‘The Last Watch’ will air on HBO a week after the final episode of GOT on Sunday 26 April 2019.

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