Guy Tries To Do A Flip Over A R8 & Gets Smashed To Bits

Guy Tries To Do A Flip Over A R8 & Gets Smashed To Bits As He Gets His Timing Completely Wrong

It really feels like the next wave of social media superstars are going to further and further lengths to get people to consumer their content and rack up a couple of views and I’m sure it’s not going to be very long before someone gets themselves killed in the process. In the video we’re having a look at below a bloke by the name of Bailey Payne, tries to do a flip over a speeding Audi R8, only to get smashed to absolute pieces after getting his timing wrong:

This one goes out to all the lovely people who said me getting hit by the car was fake? here's you're SLOMO clip to help your eyes see better? have a blessed day❤️??TAG A FRIEND WHO THINKS THIS WAS FAKE? #baileypayne #idomyownstunts #audir8 #tricking #tumbling #flying #itsreal #stophating . . @tannerbraungardt @jackthepayne @domitrick . . ?: @jackthepayne

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Damn. How did he walk away with just a couple of bruises after getting things so damn wrong. Be safe out there when you’re looking for those views kids.

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