Game of Thrones Finale – Melisandre’s ‘green eye prophecy’ could mean Arya Stark will end Daenerys life

Melisandre's 'green eye prophecy' could mean Arya Stark will end Daenerys life | Game of Thrones Season 8


Sunday’s penultimate episode of the final season of Game of Thrones proved Sansa’s prediction about Daenerys to be true – the mother of dragons went straight up ape-shit-crazy on Queen’s Landing and the thousands of people inside its walls. Jon clearly begins to have doubts about his love for Daenerys. He witnesses her order Drogon to annihilate Varys for knowing the truth about his righteous air to the iron throne and then proceed to kill hundreds of innocent people in Queen’s Landing, even after they surrendered.

Meanwhile, Arya and The Hound effortlessly head into the city and make their way for Cersei, whose on Arya’s infamous hit list. But the city is crumbling under Daenerys wrath and the Hound once again saves Arya’s life by urging her to change her heart which is filled with vengeance, to not be like him and to leave, “If you come with me, you’ll die here,” he says.

Arya decides to leave and in a poetic moment, The Hound, whose afraid of fire, braces the flames to fight his brother, The Mountain once more. The two face off as Cersei sneaks away with Jaime only to die in his arms as the roof above them caves in. Arya narrowly escapes the city alive on a rogue white horse, unaware that Cersei has already met her demise.


While a lot of fans believe that Arya’s list is now complete, many others think that a prophecy from way back in S3E6 proves that Arya’s not quite done killing yet. The prophecy is brought back to life in S8E3 just before Melisandre dies.

The Red Witch reminds Arya about the first time they met and what she told her, “brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever.” Up until the eighth season, Arya hadn’t killed any particularly high profile green or blue-eyed characters, until she took out the Night King with blue eyes and then planned to kill Cersei who had green eyes. But since Arya left Queen’s Landing without taking Cersei’s life, fans believe that Daenerys, the Targaryen queen with green eyes could meet her demise in the final episode next week.

Watch the original Game of Thrones prophecy below as well as the trailer for the sixth and final episode of Season 8 and the Game of Thrones series above.

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