FYRE Festival Models & Influencers Could Be Forced To Reveal How Much They Were Paid To Be Involved


The world is taken with the story of Fyre Festival, an event which was advertised as a luxurious music festival getaway that turned into a ‘Lord of the Flies-style’ disaster that not only cost unsuspecting attendees thousands of wasted dollars on travel and tickets (tickets were selling at $1,200 to $100,000) but many investors were also defrauded out of more than $27.4 million while small businesses and the island itself suffered the impact in the wake of “the greatest festival that never happened.”

The event was marketed with a bang and a major reason its advertising plight was so successful was because organisers and scammers, Ja Rule and Billy Farland paid ridiculous amounts of money for some of the world’s top models and online influencers such as; Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Emily Ratajkowski to appear in Fyre Fest adverts and market the event to their own online followers.

Now, Fyre Festival is coming back to haunt these promoters. The online stars involved could soon be forced to reveal the details of what they did for Fyre Media and exactly how much they each received in doing so. A court-appointed liquidation trustee in the Fyre Media case has asked the judge to submit subpoenas to all models and influencers involved.

The court document states that some girls were paid as much as $1.5 million for their services, like appearing in the Fyre Festival promotional video while Kendall Jenner may have reportedly been paid $275,000 for one Instagram post. In total, certain agencies, musicians, and suppliers affiliated with Fyre Festival could have received up to nearly $5.3 million from Fyre Media.

Watch the full promotional video for Fyre Festival below. Read more about Fyre Festival.

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