Discover more about the street artist behind the latest Ballantine’s True Music Series


Felipe Pantone is an Argentinian-Spanish artist whose work deals with dynamism, transformation, omnipresence, and themes related to the present. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, America, Australia, Asia and now South Africa too.

Recently Pantone teamed up with Ballantine’s on their latest ‘True Music Series‘ campaign and designed the look for the new limited edition Ballantine’s whiskey bottle. Felipe Pantone often draws inspiration from music so the idea of applying his kinetic street art to the sound waves of house music as an art installation seemed fitting to him, “the idea of doing installations around the world is always appealing to me, especially with projects connected to the music industry,” he told MCBN. “I’ve collaborated with musicians through album artwork, festival stage design and music videos. With Ballantine’s, we’ve connected a reactive sound projector to my artwork which will allow artists to see a visual representation of their music.”


The Ballantine’s True Music Series kicked off late last year in Pretoria at the African Beer Emporium where attendees were mesmerized by the Pantone’s vibrant moving art. Felipe first discovered his passion for creativity as a young boy where he began experimenting with graffiti from which his style began to evolve. He would later be inspired by the works of Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez who both utilized the moiré effect – a technique in which lines of contrasting colour give the impression of movement.

Pantone‘s more recent work is a visual exploration of light and colour, an idea galvanised simply by prolonged screen time. His creativity is nonconforming and everchanging which is further confirmed by Pantone’s strive to break away from creative norms and cultural biases, an artist eager to strip away any construct of what it means to be creative, “I grew up as a simple painter,” he told us “trained as a painter, and now my biggest goal is to get clear of all the academic training and to be able to make art freely, with the tools that work best.”

The Ballantine’s True Music Series will head to Cape Town this March and feature an incredible lineup of local music and talent and well as the mesmerizing artwork of Felipe Pantone. For more information, to view the full lineup and to book tickets join the Facebook event

In graffiti, everything is very ephemeral and ever changing, I think it speaks very much to the present moment and time we live in.” – Felipe Pantone

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