Burger King UK Trolls Kanye West With One Savage Tweet


Is this a dream or is this reality? Is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Kanye West. A part of me feels like he may be suffering, another part of me honestly believes he knows exactly what he is doing and does it for some sort artist kick anyway.

Ye” is not new to posting random shit that hypes up the public, like his “BILL COSBY INNOCENT ” and “Slavery is a choice” tweet or a random picture of him wearing MAGA hat or even his clothing line? Has anyone actually seen that shit? What a joke.

In his latest of random social and cultural commentary – Ye posted about his favourite restaurant Mcdonald’s. Burger King UK shortly clapped back and put some real shit into perspective for us all. Looks like Whopper patties are not the only thing they’re good at flame-roasting!

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