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In its first year, Bazique Festival established itself as South Africa’s most original and exciting large-scale festival of performing arts. A 3-day reverie of art, music and surreal shenanigans, set at a majestic lakeside venue…

This March, Bazique Festival returns for its second annual gathering and very recently, the festival announced its full lineup which features 8 international artists, 60 local artists and 4 stages.

DJ Emok and label partner, Banel, have successfully grown Iboga records since its inception in 1996, into one of the most respected and internationally recognized record labels in the world.

DJ Emok’s unabridged access to fresh and unreleased tracks means, as a performer, he plays the finest selection of unique, distinctive and exclusive sets. With DJ sets and Live performances in more than 20 countries every year, it’s safe to say he has firmly put a statement on his worldwide popularity.

You can catch EMOK on the Into The Wild stage on Saturday at 15:00

Bazique 2019 tickets are available HERE.
Join the event HERE.
No Under 21’s.
Visit their website for more Baziqueness.

Bazique Festival 2018 Aftermovie – relive the magic below.

Bazique After Movie 2018

To those who joined us… a delightful reminiscence and for those who did not… here’s what you missed #baziquefestivalGet your early bird tickets today! Listing <3 Invizable- In The BeginningDean Fuel – Loving me Wrong !Kwantum Physics (Dub mix)

Posted by Bazique Festival on Tuesday, 28 August 2018

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